The DRPA study evaluated three route options (with some variations) extending south from Camden:


  • NJ-1 - following the route of I-676 and State Highway Route 42 to the Avandale Park & Ride in Sicklerville, Winslow Township
  • NJ-2 - following the route of I-676, State Highway Route 42, and State Highway Route 55 to Richwood, Harrison Township. .
  •  NJ-3  utilizes the alignment of the railroad tracks through the center of Woodbury to Glassboro near Rowan University. 


NJ-3 is the option selected for a future passenger rail system in Gloucester County.


The NJ-1 and NJ-2 options utilize one side or the medians of the highways.  Stations would be park & ride facilities located away from population centers and accessible primarily by motor vehicles only.  The number of passengers using such a system for discretionary travel beyond peak-hour peak direction would be very low.  New development along these routes would induce sprawl, sapping vitality from existing population centers in the process. 


The NJ-3 option utilizes an improved railroad right-of-way, passing through existing populations centers in the corridor.  Stations could be primarily focused toward pedestrian access with limited parking or a park & ride facility, depending on location.  Population centers would be destinations as well as origination points for travel.  Integration with existing transit services is easier to achieve.  Passenger use would be distributed across a much wider number of hours due to the attractiveness of the system for discretionary travel.  Economic viability in existing populations centers would be supported.


Direct access to Philadelphia would be dependent upon the type of system built.  PATCO Light Rail would provide direct access to Philadelphia.  A Diesel Light Rail system would require passengers traveling across the Delaware River to transfer onto another mode of transportation.  See the Technology page for more information.


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