Expanding PATCO


Welcome to WWW.PATCOLIGHTRAIL.COM.  This website is intended to provide interested visitors with information about a better option for the proposed passenger rail system in Gloucester County, NJ.


This website is not affiliated with the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA), the Port Authority Transit Corporation (PATCO), or NJ Transit.


The Delaware River Port Authority  study concerning an expansion of passenger rail service into Gloucester County is located here:  GlassboroCamdenLine.com


Mass Transit for Gloucester County

Planning for a passenger rail system involves a wide range of issues that must be considered.  The planning process includes an evaluation of two major issues:

  1. The route a passenger rail system would use, and
  2. The type of sytem (mode of transportation) that would be built.


The resulting conclusions are fundamental in determining the eventual success of any future passenger rail system in Gloucester County.


The implementation of a Diesel Light Rail system in Gloucester County will require all passengers traveling to and from Philadelphia to transfer to another mode of transportation to cross the Delaware River, increasing travel time and inconvenience. A transfer will have greater negative impact during off-peak inter-state journeys. It also serves to discourage potential passengers who might otherwise ride the system without a transfer.